3 Tips for Staying Motivated

One of the things that separates the good from the elite is the ability to withstand the grind. Imagine Kobe Bryant going into the gym, day in and day out. There are going to be days where you just can’t get up, and don’t want to put yourself through that grind and hard work. Sometimes people just want to be lazy.

Here are three things you can to do keep pushing yourself and ensure you won’t let up:

1. Create daily rituals and habits

Most of what we do every day is habit. When we brush our teeth, these are things we don’t think about because it would take way too much mental energy to have to think about every little thing over and over again.

Our brains have developed so that habits can form when we do something over and over. Because of this, it makes sense to create healthy daily rituals and habits that contribute to the grind. For example, things like creating a work ritual that gets you pumped up for the work day ahead. By doing this, we can make what we do automatic and in turn, take much less energy.

2. Find a partner

It’s tough working alone, and it isn’t something that I recommend if you want to get the furthest especially when starting out. I partnered with incredibly smart and capable people who both motivated me and made me better.

3. Create a system that requires your input

One thing that keeps me in the grind is something that forces me into action. I have a system where a VA needs my input on optimization in order to continue with it. If I don’t give my approval, then the campaign keeps running un-optimized and I lose out.

This forces me into action each day because I dont want to lose money, which then gives me momentum to carry on the rest of the day. Action creates motivation, and forcing yourself into action to create motivation is a good idea.


Create a challenge for yourself

Be the type of person who never backs down from a challenge, and completes it no matter what. I had a friend who made a $20 bet that he could have a Pescetarian diet (no meat except fish) and followed through with it for a year and won.

I asked him why he did it for so little money, and he replied that it wasn’t the bet itself, it was a challenge to himself to see if he could do it. As a result, he was lighter, healthier and felt very good about himself. Being able to make these kinds of challenges and keep them is the mark of a champion.

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