3 Engineering Concepts You Can Apply in Marketing

1. Creating Redundancies

When something like a spaceship is built, there are critical components that have duplicates made, because it’s not easy to go back into space and fix it — this is called a redundancy.

How does this work in marketing?

Things are going to break. Part of your job is making sure that you have backups in place in case something goes wrong.

You want to think about anything that’s making you money, and imagine taking it away. What can you do to make sure that even if that went away, you’d have a backup?

2. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is how you don’t end up with a chair a missing leg.

When having someone in your team create campaigns for you, it’s a good idea to have someone else look it over because it’s with a fresh set of eyes — they may not have caught their mistake either because they didn’t understand the market (targeting a wrong state or demo that’s not what the offer allows), or simply because they were in a rush and left something out or made a typo.

Think back to grade school when your teachers used to have another student proof read your paper first before turning it in. It helps to reduce silly mistakes.

3. Improving Efficiency (Continuous Improvement)

Part of engineering is always looking for ways to improve the current systems and processes. Is there anything you can automate?

One thing you can use it Visual Website Optimizer to help you A/B split test so that your landing pages are constantly becoming better.